MIS BECS does not have a security profile for this URL, please click only if you recognize the site at your own risk:



Is it likely that someone from pa.gov would be sending you a link at www.health.pa.gov?




Why am I seeing this?

MIS BECS Phishing Filter has been enabled to provide additional security for your domain pasilc.org and reduce the risk of spear phishing. Hackers often employ fraudulent practices such as sending emails seemingly from a known or trusted sender. Their hope is that you will click on the link and go to their web site where they can either infect your computer or try to get you to reveal confidential information such as your password or other information useful in identity theft.

MIS BECS intercepts web site links in your email messages and automatically rewrites them so they must pass through this web site. If the site is on a whitelist and is trusted, you will be automatically redirected. If the site is unknown or dangerous, MIS BECS will display this warning page to alert you about possible security issues.

Phishing Protection

MIS BECS provides the most sophisticated and most comprehensive real-time protection from email phishing threats through ExchangeDefender Phishing Firewall, External Sender flagging, real-time databases of safe and dangerous sites, and flexible phishing content handling policies.

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